"How To Grow Enough Food
To Feed A Family Of 4 All Year
From Your Backyard Garden

... Even When Society Collapses & Garden Centers Run Out Of Essentials Like Seed, Compost, & Fertilizer!"

It's The Information You'll Wish You Had When
There's No Grocery Store To Bail You Out!


We have reached the tipping point:

Our food security is threatened on a global scale.

Never in the last century has it been MORE CRITICAL that you be capable of feeding your family...

... WITHOUT the support of your local grocery store.

... And WITHOUT the support of local garden centers for supplies
like tools, seed, and fertilizer.

We are on the brink of a global food disaster.

And here at ThePrepperProject.com, we are increasingly concerned that even the savviest among us are woefully underprepared for the food crisis that lies ahead.

If The SHTF Tomorrow, Could You
Feed Your Family... Indefinitely?

Our prediction?

The coming food-pocalypse won’t look nearly as orderly as the bread lines of the Great Depression:

Just look at the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

It took less than 24 hours for people to become desperate for food and water.

Never has it been more critical that you be able to live “off the grid”, independent of grocery stores for your food, water, and gardening supplies.

Yet creating a stockpile of food is NOT GOOD ENOUGH!

Consider, how will your family survive post-collapse, once your food stores are depleted? Or what will you do, for example, if a natural disaster like a storm or flood destroys all you have?

What if you’re forced to live off the grid for YEARS?

How would you feed your family?

Most of us don't know enough about gardening and farming to make it...

Over 98% Of The Population Has NO CLUE
How To Grow Enough Food To Survive.

(And If They Do Have A Garden, It’s TOO SMALL!)

A century ago, well over half of North Americans lived on farms.

Food was grown, traded, and eaten at the local level, and supply was primarily dictated by the seasons.

Today, less than 1% of Americans live on working farms.

Food travels between 1,500 to 2,500 miles before it reaches the average consumer.

And while the National Gardening Association reports that by 2009, just over 43 million US households had active “food gardens”…

… They also report the median size of these gardens as just 96 square feet.

Little more than a hobby garden!

A family would need MANY TIMES this garden space to feed themselves year-round in a post-collapse scenario.

And while yes, 96 square feet of garden is still better than nothing, it’s clear that the average family is not equipped to survive the coming food crisis.

Either they’re not gardening enough.

Or, they’re not gardening at all.

If All You’ve Got Is Seed… You’ve Still Got Nothing To Eat.

You’re not even safe if you’re stockpiling seed!

Experienced gardeners will tell you:

Anybody can dig a garden and plant a few seeds… and harvest a few veggies.

But there’s a big difference between ‘hobby gardening’ for whatever you can grow...

... And being able to confidently sustain your family year-round on crops that you, alone, harvest.

There’s more to know than you could learn in a single growing season.

And experienced gardeners will be the first to tell you...

It's not uncommon to experience MASSIVE crop failures in your first couple of years.

Because every property comes with its own unique set of “growing hurdles” that you’ll need to identify and overcome. And again, this can take years of experience.

The REAL KEY To Survival Will Be
Growing Your Own Food…

... Without The Seed, Fertilizers, and Tools
At Your Local Garden Center.

Most folks have little more than “hobby gardens.”

They have NO CLUE what it will take to survive, gardening off the grid, without the supplies they’re buying annually at their local garden center…

… Like seeds, tools, and fertilizers.

How do you garden WITHOUT FUEL?

What happens when you run out of seed?

How do you garden without fertilizers? Or pesticides?

What crops will sustain your family?

How will you irrigate your crops?

How do you protect your family against total crop failure?

… These are all important questions that you must consider (and ANSWER) before you face a collapse scenario.

And that’s why, here at ThePrepperProject.com, we’ve teamed up with well-known survival gardening expert, David Goodman to create:

“Survival Gardening Secrets.”

A comprehensive, 6 CD audio training program that offers what no gardening book or course has, ever before:

Secrets on how to grow food in a grid-down scenario, and feed your family long-term with high calorie, nutrient dense crop varieties.

… All WITHOUT access to the convenient supplies at your local garden center – like seeds, tools, fertilizers and pesticides!

A Crash Course In Preparing To Feed
Your Family When The Grocery Stores
And Garden Centers Are Gone…

Eventually your food stockpile is going to run out.

At best, you might extend the life of whatever you’ve got stored by supplementing with food from your garden. But at some point, we must all be prepared to be fully self-sufficient…

… Eating only what we grow and kill ourselves.

That’s what “Survival Garden Secrets” is all about.

It turns every gardening book you’ve ever read UPSIDE DOWN by approaching life and gardening like the settlers did:

Assuming you’ve got NO garden center to bail you out of a screw up.

Assuming you’ve got NO grocery store to fall back on.

Topics we’ll be covering will include:

Survival Math - Calculating The Garden Size

And Supplies You’ll Need To Keep Your Family
Alive And Fed Post-Collapse.

Forget About Making It “Pretty”

– Efficient Survival Garden Layout Secrets
That Reduce Your Daily Grunt Work.

What To Grow: The Very Best Survival Crops

High Calorie, Nutrient Dense, & HARDY!

How To Collect & Save Your Own Seeds

When The Seed Rack Is GONE From Your Local Garden Center:

Unleashing Your Soil Fertility

So You Get MORE FOOD Out Of The Same Plot

The Must-Have Tools And Gardening Supplies

Items To Buy… Before It’s Too Late.

Plus – Order Before May 28th, 2014

… And You’ll Get These 4 Additional Survival Gardening Gifts, Too!

Bonus Gift #1:
“More Valuable Than Gold!”

Harvesting and Storing Heirloom Seeds

Valued at $29.95 – yours FREE!

If you’re not ALREADY saving heirloom seed, YOUR FAMILY IS AT RISK!

Because starting from scratch, it takes 2-3 years to build a robust heirloom seed stock of your own that will feed you and your family for years to come.

That’s right, 2-3 years! And that’s assuming you don’t SCREW UP the first year.

There’s a ton to learn about harvesting and storing heirloom seed, more than you could possibly imagine. And yet your survival in a post-collapse world will depend on this!

For example, did you know, your local BIG BOX stores typically sell “hybrid seeds”?

(Not heirloom!)

Hybrid seeds might produce an excellent crop the first year…

… But give you STERILE SEEDS. (Which means NO CROPS next year. Or, very poor crops.)

And no, you can’t just SAVE SEEDS from the fruits and veggies you’re already buying at the local grocery store, not even organic produce: because they’re likely hybrids, and if they’ve been through an x-ray machine, they’re likely STERILE, TOO!

Heirloom seed saving is both an art and a science of its own!

So that’s why, as a special gift to you, with SURVIVAL GARDENING we’re including “Collecting and Storing Heirloom Seeds”, a 104-minute audio training program with Lucinda Bailey.

In this recording, Lucinda (a.k.a. “The Seed Lady”) will be giving you a crash course in saving heirloom seeds from 20 different vegetable crops… everything you need to get started successfully building your own personal stock of heirloom variety seeds.

Increase your bartering power in a post-collapse world by building heirloom seed stocks! Heirloom seeds will be valued like GOLD post-collapse.

Get started right away…

Bonus Gift #2:
“The Miraculous Self-Watering Garden”

Arm Your Gardens Against Drought!

Valued at $19.95 – yours FREE!

Drought has plagued the United States for more than 3 years now.

Never has controlling your garden irrigation been more critical to your survival than it is RIGHT NOW!

That’s why, as a special bonus gift with Survival Gardening Secrets, we’d like to give you a copy of “The Miraculous Self-Watering Garden”, an audio interview with The Duke of Permaculture, Paul Wheaton!

Learn the secrets to creating ‘self-watering gardens’ that take MAXIMUM advantage of the water you have available and rain by drastically reducing evaporation!

PLUS – you’ll discover the 7 water creation systems that Paul recommends…

… Including how to “create” water where none seems to exist.

Bonus Gift #3:
“Pest Control Without Chemicals”

Secrets to Avoiding Devastating Crop Loss!

Valued at $19.95 – yours FREE!

Studies have proven…

… Shifts in global temperatures are causing a massive spread of pests, away from the equator, threatening crops that have no defenses against these “new enemies.”

Plus, genetically modified crops are causing the rise of “super-pests” … insects that are immune to pesticides and can chomp their way through entire fields, devastating crops.

So what’s a survivalist to do? Educate yourself in NATURAL pest control.

Because let’s face it, when the SHTF, you’re not going to be able to waltz into your local garden center and buy a bag of “pest-be-gone” anyway.

“Pest Control Without Chemicals”, a bonus audio recording with David Goodman, will teach you all the secrets to natural pest control including:

  • How to use the Predator/Prey Relationships between different insect species to your advantage!
  • Garden plot design secrets that promote NATURAL pest control!
  • How to use common weeds to control pests!
  • Tips for fighting particularly destructive pests like nematodes!
  • How to make your own pest control sprays! (CHEAP & EASY!)
  • The best ways to control snail and slug populations. (New ideas you’ve probably never heard of before!)
  • Fending off the four-legged critters – like raccoons, possums, & rats!

Plus so much more.

It’s everything you need to begin protecting yourself from devastating crop loss due to pest infestations.

Bonus Gift #4:
“Recommended Reading List”

The Books The Experts Have On THEIR Shelves

Valued at $9.98 – yours FREE!

Want to beef up your gardening knowledge, but not sure where to turn next?

Survival Gardening Secrets is an excellent introduction to gardening from a post-collapse perspective. But truly, we could talk every day for a year and still not be finished covering all you need to know.

So to help set you on the right path, with your copy of Survival Gardening Secrets, we’re including this list of must-read titles.

These are the books that are dog-eared, worn, well used, and regularly referenced on the shelves of the top survival gardeners across the country.

And you’ll want to add them to your library, too!

Try It for 60 Days RISK FREE With Our

“Bounty or Bust Guarantee”

You Must Love It, Or We’ll Refund Your Money,
No Questions Asked!

We risk enough, daily. Getting an education in survival gardening shouldn’t be risky.

So that’s why we’re going to the shoulder the burden for you:

You’re invited to try "Survival Gardening Secrets" for the next 60 days, risk free!

Take home your choice of EITHER:

1. The “DOWNLOAD PACKAGE”… for just $37.77 today, we’ll provide you with online access to review the entire program via your computer, over the Internet.  (Includes the option to download the files to your home computer for easy saving and storage!)


2. The “DELIVERED TO YOUR MAILBOX PACKAGE” … for just $69.95, we’ll ship everything you see here to your doorstep or mailbox as CDs & printed reports. (The most convenient choice. Also good for those with less reliable Internet connections.)

Either way, it’s  a total package value of $147.55!

For YOUR CHOICE of  a 52% SAVINGS – or 74% SAVINGS!

Then, take 60 days to evaluate the post-collapse gardening secrets we’ll share.

If you’re nothing short of CONVINCED that these growing strategies will help you grow a bounty of produce to keep your family well-fed in a collapse scenario, then I invite you to contact us for a 100% refund of the monies you paid.

(Minus only the shipping and handling fees, if relevant for your purchase.)

You’ll have enough hard decisions to make in the days ahead.

We wanted to make this one easy for you.


Plus – order before May 28th,2014 and
qualify for this additional BONUS #5:

An invitation to join us for
“Food Forest Secrets”:

A 2-Part Webinar Series with David Goodman

Want to learn how to grow MORE food in the SAME space?

Order before Wednesday, May 28th, 2014 and you’ll be invited to a private webinar with our very own David Goodman, who will be introducing you to the concept of “food forests.”

Learn how, by mimicking a natural forest system, you can create a multi-layer garden with dense, abundant food production

… That, once established, requires very little manual labor OR irrigation to maintain!

(No actual forest required! ;-)

Just like a wild forest that flourishes without any help from us, your very own backyard "food forest" can produce a year-round bounty of vegetables, fruits, nuts, and herbs...

... It can even incorporate select livestock!

It works because just like a natural forest, the backyard food forest you'll create will have built-in redundancies that offer the entire ecosystem protection from droughts, pests, and crop failure.

Plus – it can dramatically increase your crops yields in small spaces by creating a ‘Layered Approach” that wastes no space on rows, paths, etc. like your more traditional garden.

This is a two-part webinar series that’s not to be missed.

(Listen to it LIVE – or hear it as a recording, afterwards.)

It’s a GIFT VALUED at $29.95 – yours FREE!

But to get it, you MUST claim your copy of “Survival Gardening Secrets” before Wednesday, May 28th at midnight - as we must have final participation numbers in place by that date.

You’ve Seen The Warning Signs.

Now It’s Time To Decide…

“Our global food system is on the brink of collapse.

The signs are all there. The food-pocalypse is upon us. It’s not a matter of “if”… or even “when” things are going to get worse. It’s a matter of how fast.

We can’t recommend this enough… Get your hands dirty, growing your own food with these secrets NOW – so you’re comfortable handling the unique growing conditions of YOUR PROPERTY… along with pests, crop failure, irrigation issues and more…

… BEFORE the safety net of your garden center and local grocery store are gone, or global food prices have skyrocketed.”

Get your copy of “Survival Gardening Secrets” today.

You Get Everything Seen Here:

It’s A Total Package Value Of $147.55 – yours for the one-time investment of just $37.77 DIGITAL or $69.95 DELIVERED.

A 52% or 72% Savings, You Decide!

Your order is protected by our 100% Money Back Guarantee.
Try the entire program RISK FREE for 60 days.

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But don't forget... only orders placed before Wednesday, May 28th,2014 will qualify to receive additional BONUS #5:

An invitation to
“Food Forest Secrets”:

A 2-Part Webinar Series with David Goodman

You won't want to miss this! It's excellent opportunity to BOOST your crop yields in small growing spaces!


P.S. As a final note… Remember that knowledgeable gardeners will have currency and power in a post-collapse world. Barter your knowledge and your excess food in exchange for other items, expertise, or supplies like fuel.

I encourage you to share this report with like-minded community members using email, Facebook, Twitter, forums, etc. The more of us who band together, to trade knowledge and experience, the stronger our local communities will be.

Yours with eyes wide open,


Chet Womach
Co-founder of ThePrepperProject.com